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Description:   Fractal KISS means "keep fractals simple and sensible". The objective is to discover a "common-sense" understanding of fractals and their utility.

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LazyBox Lazybox is a lightweight web application framework that uses xml to define the controls (textbox, label, imagebox, etc) and his events to build the user interface. Is strictly designed under the KISS philosophy using php, javascript, xajax and behaviour.

Linux Interface Project Mockups, documentation, and prototypes for ideas from the historical Linux Interface Project (1996-1998) founded by Michael Dingler as well more recent graphical user interface innovations according to the motto: Kiss your boring GUI good-bye!

Open/Free Server for KiSS DP-500 A free and open replacement for the PC-Link software that comes bundled with the KiSS DP-500 DiVX/DVD-player to stream movies/music/pictures from an ethernet-connected computer.

Oxidizer Oxidizer is a Recursive Fractal Flame render for OSX. It is designed to be compatible with the flam3 suite and the Electric Sheep screen saver allowing the user to render flames and sheep along with the interactive creation of original flames. Snow Leopard CompatibilityQuickView, see ...

PyDP500 PyDP500, open source server program for the Kiss DP500 media player, written in Python. Should run on *any* platform supporting Python.

slimPHP A PHP 5 framework to develop web applications using an unsual MVC architecture. The idea is to be simple an easy, that way the slimPHP uses only two layers: View and Controller. The main idea is follow the KISS development way.

DJFractal Distributed Java Fractal Generator. DJFractals can computes fractals inarbitrary precision using any CPU available from high performance multi-processors clusters of computers to grid of JavaCards and even at the same time.

Fractal Assistant Fractal Assistant is a pure Java fractal exploration utility. It is designed to be a user-friendly, highly configurable environment with support for pluggable module files.

Fractal Chaotica A open source, multiplatform, fractal generator and explorer. Includes Mandelbrot, Julia, Lambda and others popular formulas. Also includes formula reader to create new fractals. It can save PNG images. Requires Java Virtual Machine.

Java Kiss Main goal is to provide simple and fast framework for rapid development of web sites. To keep things simple - is a general approach. Also JKISS has subproject DBeaver - database manager tool. All information and news at

Fractal Forge Fractal Forge is an application written in Delphi that lets you easily explore the branches of the Mandelbrot set. It has received several very positive reviews.

Free Dot Toolkit The Free Dot Toolkit is a collection of tools for working with electronic pens that use Anoto technology.

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